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puppyPicHere at Securapet I offer services for small animal owners:

My Name is Julie, I am based in Ashford Kent. I Chip ferrets, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and their  off spring. I have been chipping small animal for several years now.

I have years of experience working with animals.

I carefully chose the company I wanted to work with when providing my microchipping service. Avid is the Manufacturer who I purchase my microchips from. I have been almost bullied into joining other companies to purchase my chips from them and register newly chipped animals with another data base, however i am adamant this is the company for me as they provide the best service around for all the pets I chip. Pettrac is Avids own in house registration company. As these services are run by the same company, I have found it very easy to resolve any problems that may have occured with database queries. I have found stray animals in the past and scanned them, as an implanter I can obtain the address of the owners and reunite them. I have found it harder to unite animals with their owners when the animal is chipped with another manufacturers chip, eq identichip. As there data baseis run by a separate company, Pet Log. Hence getting apssed from pilar to post. I never get this with Avid/Pettrac. NEVER.


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