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puppyPicHome visit - based in Kent

We visit you in your own home to chip your pets. We visit anyone in the Ashford area and surrounding towns. If you have more than one animal to chip we extend this visiting radius up to 30 miles. If you have a several pets to be chipped we will travel through out the county of Kent and possibly the tip of Essex and London. For more information please call me.

We are hygienic, safe and very gentle, I take great care with your babies. We only use top quality equipment, microchips and the best life long data base registry.

We use an AVID microchip The AVID microchip is a sophisticated computer chip, which is pre-programmed with a totally unique identification number.  The device is encapsulated within a bio compatible glass material, which means that there is virtually no chance of the body developing an allergy or trying to reject the microchip, after being properly implanted

We register your details with Pettrac  this is a life time registration. Pettrac will contact Petlog and make any enquiries necessary if your pet is lost. Please note, it is unknown whether Petlog offers the same service. Each Implanter can act as a mini 're-uniting centre'. Using their own scanner and the Pettrac database, a quick telephone call could end the misery of someone who has lost a much-loved pet. The good-will generated by such a kind deed will no doubt, be recounted by the thankful owner for years to come. One free phone call by the implanter/or organisation to AVID's (pettrac) 24 hr hotline, can verify who they are and release your contact details.  Your pet can then be reunited directly with you.  Now you can enjoy real peace of mind.

Pettrac 24hr Lost & Found Hotline
0800 652 9 977

Registration Updates
TEL: 0800 652 8 977


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Micro Chip Information

Micro chipping uses Radio Frequency (RFID) technology and cannot be tampered with, fade or be removed. The chip is deposited into the fatty area between the shoulder blades. The needle houses the microchip and is therefore larger than a conventional needle, however, a clever design allows it to incise the skin easily with little discomfort. The microchip contains no battery or power source, and is powered by the.  When a vet, dog warden or rescue centre scans a found animal, the unique microchip number is displayed to them using a this special scanner